Stripe Checkout PRO 🚀

Elevate your online business with our cutting-edge plugin for the Bubble marketplace, integrating Stripe's powerful API. This all-in-one solution offers a range of global payment methods, including Konbini, SEPA, ACH, and PayPal, complemented by Stripe Tax for hassle-free tax compliance and an embedded Stripe Checkout PRO cart system for a seamless user experience. Ideal for e-commerce and subscription services, our plugin is the key to unlocking effortless, secure, and scalable financial transactions.

Stripe Checkout PRO 🚀 on Bubble Marketplace

ChatGPT with Code Highlighting

ChatGPT with Code Highlighting is a dynamic plugin for Bubble.io, uniquely designed to merge ChatGPT's AI-driven conversations with an advanced code highlighting feature. This powerful combination not only enriches user interactions with intelligent, natural dialogue but also elevates the experience of sharing and discussing code. It's perfect for developers, educators, and tech enthusiasts, providing an intuitive platform where code is not only shared but also beautifully formatted and highlighted for enhanced readability and engagement.

ChatGPT with Code Highlighting on Bubble Marketplace

Excel Templates

Excel Templates allows you to export your bubble web app data to a prebuilt excel sheet. Useful for things like invoices, POs, or anything else. It supports up to 5 sheets, formulas, and images.

Excel Templates on Bubble Marketplace

📬 Emailer PRO

Send emails from your own domain, in html or bbcode, with minimal setup. No APIs, no external services. No overrage fees.

📬 Emailer PRO on Bubble Marketplace


Predict with confidence, predict with KRYTEX. Wagerly is a platform for sports betting. Not only does it come with a proprietary, advanced prediction algorithm, you can also talk to KRYTEX and ask it questions and to make predictions about upcoming sports events and individual player performaces.

Wagerly App