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NEXTjs - Advanced Framework for Web Applications

NEXTjs is our main framework for web.

Key Features:

  • Server-Side Rendering: Boosts performance and SEO, delivering content-rich pages more efficiently.
  • Automatic Code Splitting: Optimizes page load times by loading only the necessary code.
  • Static Site Generation: Offers the flexibility to create static websites with improved security and speed.


Ideal for developing a range of web applications from small-scale landing pages to large-scale e-commerce sites.


WPF - Crafting Rich Desktop Experiences

Windows Presentation Foundation is our main framework for desktop.

Key Features:

  • XAML-Based UI Design: Allows for a clean separation of business logic and presentation layer.
  • Rich Controls and Animations: Provides a vast array of controls and tools for creating dynamic user interfaces.
  • Data Binding and MVVM Support: Facilitates a structured and maintainable approach to application development.


WPF is ideal for developing enterprise-level desktop applications, sophisticated tools, and software that require a rich user interface with high interactivity.


Python - The Language of Machine Learning

For machine learning - Python.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Libraries: A rich set of libraries for various ML tasks, from data preprocessing to deep learning.
  • Community and Support: Strong community support with extensive resources and documentation.
  • Flexibility and Readability: Python's syntax is easy to understand, making complex ML algorithms more accessible.


Python is widely used in predictive analytics, natural language processing, computer vision, and other advanced ML fields.